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Vinyl Siding

In our Utah siding market vinyl is used 99% of the time. Its advantages are obvious with its durability, value and limited lifetime warranty. Our preferred panel is Alside's Conquest, it is a .040 Dutch lap double 41/2" panel that is offered in a wide variety of colors. All other brands and grades are also available. Mount masters are included on all lights and electrical outlets for a clean finish look. We also like to supply and install vinyl vents so that everything matches. All siding is hand nailed for contraction and expansion purposes as well as to flatten out any irregularities in the wall. All corner posts are capped and AJ@ channel is installed to impede water.

Aluminum Soffit, Fascia & Wraps

We use aluminum for our soffit & fascia because we can fasten it securely. Vented soffit panels are installed on all eave areas so that air will be sucked in thru the eaves and out the vents and roof vents. It is very important that your home breathes. Trapped air causes condensation with temperature change. Aluminum wraps are custom bent for post & garage door casings (Stucco is also an option) All aluminum products have a baked aluminum enamel finish with a 30 year warranty.

Decorative Vinyl Trims & Siding

There are many options available. In siding we use Alside architectural scallops architectural shakes and fluted corners 5" 4 piece corners and 31/2 window surround. In trims we use Mid-Americas products. We use their vents, mount masters (standard on all lights and electrical outlets) and shutters, we also do sunbursts, ellipticals, dentil trim, door surrounds, window headers, window mantels, designer windows, window corner blocks and lineals. Other brands of trim are also available.

Weather Paper

Weather paper is considered an extra and there are several options available. We use Amo Wrap Tyvec and Kraft building paper.

Ken Maroney is our stucco and stone veneer expert, Ken also knows siding, soffits, aluminum crown molding as well as seamless rain gutter. Ken has been with Custom Exteriors for 2 years before that he successfully managed another exterior company for 4 years. Ken knows his job well and has full authority to bid, schedule and coordinate his crews as well as the delivery driver. Ken has a keen eye for detail and design, he knows what looks good together and what it takes to achieve that look. It is a great advantage to be dealing with one company when designing stone, stucco, siding, soffit, aluminum crown molding and rain gutters. Custom Exteriors is very fortunate to have a man the caliber of Ken Maroney. 

Cement Fiber Siding (Hardi Plank)

Stucco & Stone

Utah Stucco and stone work


Custom Exteriors installs both types of systems, our workload is typically 50% EIFS and 50% hardcoat Portland cement based. Custom Exteriors prefers working with the quality product that Synergy or Sona Wall offers most other systems are available as well.

Both EIFS and hardcoat look the same when finished and the same finish is applied to both systems. Perma-Flex - Insul-Flex is the standard finish. It is an acrylic polymer-based finished, it holds elastomeric properties and performs well as a wall system finish. Perma-Flex elastomeric is used as an upgrade. It is an acrylic polymer-based finish and it is unequaled in today's market with its full elastomeric (pliable) qualities. Insul-Flex and Elastomeric finishes are both available in 3 textures, coarse, medium classique and classique.

Hardcoat (One coat) Stucco

Hardcoat is a Portland cement based substrate. Exterior foam can be used as an upgrade for insulation advantages. The installation process is as follows.

  1. 2 ply paper applied to walls.
  2. 3/4" foam is wrapped around windows as trim.
  3. 17 gage thick chicken wire is fastened to entire wall, various wire products are also used on trim, corners, bottom of wall and wherever wall ends. 
  4. 3/8" Portland based brown coat is applied, dried then rubbed with neoprene floats to flatten any irregularities in the wall. Brown coat is then allowed to dry thoroughly for several days.
  5. Perma-Flex finish is then applied.


Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer is Custom Exteriors newest venture. It is also the most natural. Stone veneer is man made, it is light weight and installer friendly, stucco and stone go together like bread and butter. Stone adds a warm comfortable feeling to a home, it is also rustic and natural looking. Stone can be used to accent stucco and stucco to accent stone, or it can be used alone, the options are endless. It is a great advantage using the same contractor when using stone and stucco on your home, some of the best designs are made while the work is in progress. Options can be added and changed easily when you are dealing with 1 company. Stone is a natural for Custom Exteriors in that Utah's leading manufacturer of stone veneer, Harristone is also the areas supplier of Synergy or Sona Wall stucco products. Custom Exteriors also does fireplaces. Cultured stone and El Dorado are also available. Check out our work. We have the best stone mason's and Ken knows his stone & stucco design.


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Vinyl Siding

We use vinyl for its value and durability, the advantages of vinyl is are there is no maintenance the color is clear thru, it won't scratch, dent or chip, it will not retain moisture, mold or mildew. There is a full line of accessories & systems it has a lifetime warranty. There are many brands and grades available.

Aluminum Soffits, Fascia & Custom Wraps

We use aluminum for our Soffit & Fascia because we can fasten it securely, while vinyl is an excellent product it needs to be fastened so it can expand and contract, here in Utah we often experience strong winds we want to insure our work stays put. We use aluminum for custom wraps because we can bend our own as needed for each application, no 2 houses are the same, all aluminum we use has a baked enamel finish with a 30 year warranty.

Decorative Vinyl Trims

There are many options available in trims. We like to use Mid-Americas product we use their Mount Masters (standard on lights, electical outlets and hose bibs) and shutters. Upon request we use sunburst's elliptical, dentil trim, door surrounds, window mantels, designer windows, window corner blocks and lineal. Other brands of trim are also available.

Vinyl Windows & Sliding Doors

Like vinyl siding we use vinyl windows for their value, durability and long lasting advantages, there are many different options for glass such as tint color, value and grids.


We also install exterior doors.

Cement Fiber & Hardie

Foam Insulation

The most efficient application of insulation is on the exterior, when you insulate your home from the outside you are able to insulate the total wall, including the wall stud area. There are many options available as well as numerous types of insulation used, ranging from 2" to 1" thick insulation sheathing and R values ranging from R-.5 to R5., the higher the R value the better.

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